I whent to the moll yestoa and we whent to the mive and we wish Ted and we had to pike up my bother.
I thank it whent go and I did some thaings whit MS Gaffney and we had sow musch whit ms gaffney and she going it be going to 3rd and we all rade lrud adout it and if you take a picel home and don't give it back she going to Thack your show and I did not no that thay do that and i like 2ad grad and I was sad when I laft ms potter to and that Travis fravite thare to and mine and ms gaffney did fun thaings white and I'm going to miss gaffney and she was a pretty Thea's and she is a funny thare and she was the go is thesis and I'm going to thard grad to lean ifen momer and ms gaffney will ms us and songs make me sad and thay will make me miss ms gaffney and I'm can't wait to go to tride grad. And we are going to some go thaings thary and we are going to git some candy and I'm caint wait. And I'm going to tell my mom that I'm going to miss ms gaffney and I'm going to be happy whent I love this calls but I'm going to miss ms gaffney and I'm going to ask my can I sate whit. Ms miss gaffney and she going to say no and going to thank that fall my grad an I'm going to miss her and I'm going to sill see her cus I'm going to sell going to this scoll.
WI love snowball she is sweet and she like nibel and we had a aubint be cus she. But some one hand and it was will bother and he was bling I like when she cimd on top on the cage and she was sow petty when we first had her and she not bibt nobody be cus she was sweet and she had be and the cage. And when miss Wilson came we was sow happy and she had tuak her out of her cage and I'm going to miss her when she gone whit clara and I batt that clara will take care of her
This is my moive of the face of the playgrand and we work hard
What make a deserts is Is hot and. Day and cold at night and it is varey griw and some man fight and some tree are poke and some are not . And it not meen anmise and the deserts and . And some have intes and that the man fight whit them and it is not funey. And the deserts look not fun at all and no one live thary it sap four anmise and I don't wont to live thary be cus it is borning and that is the end . And some anmise don't frad thay saft entente and some ov them are cool and that is the end. And some we got to see is the gorlse and thay are sweet and one was Laing be sibe the window and one was playing whit his box and it was so funny and then we ate lush.
I went to the the zoo and it was fun and I got to see some animas and then we went to ride on the train and we went to go look a some cool plants and we sat and a big big big big chair and then we went and a pink house and then I went to go see some zebras and some monkeys thay was making a lot Ov noses and one was hitting his head on the tree like don't won't to go to sleep and one was swing on the tree and then we went to go see the brids and thay was flaying away and we sow some pink brids and thay was Filipino and I like pink on them then we had fun on the then I went to the raptils and then we was about to git some ice crem but it calls to mush and then we got bake on the bus and star talking and then we got to the ofise and some ov awer pras was thary and my mom was in he car waiting four me and the I went home and play whit me'kaela and me and her cheerd and we did a cop a tishoe and then I whent to the av and then I tuk may cun home I toke a shower and got and the beb and thay was the end four the zoo
I'm going to tell you adout my worms thay are fast and thay were sleep and my beauflys thay do not like say and the sand and thay held aven moive. and some ov them need to git a now apply and some have mold and it Was green. And the red Tabel had a pupa and I thaot that it was ded skin. And wen it shad skin. And that warn it gos.
My business name is the snow cone espress . Are money will be going to cherryd and we will be having a lot ov flavors and we will have blueberry cherry and we will have graps and pineapple and and surb and we will be having Awer sand out side and it will 75¢ and we will be going to popley hose. And if you won't to bey to it will be doller and Sven five sent. And we will have a trirn themm.
What I'm concerns that we don't have inne trash on the Grand and I'm what arwe eath to be clean sow some poley can come and look how awer eath look. and then if it look bad thay are not come to vise and if look good thay are going to say I'm going to come back and vise. and now I'm going to talk about some awer trees I hope we can keep it up and we can water it we will not have inn ploms. And we need to ress sikl and if you use the front side you's the back side. I love saving the earth . And it is a good thing.