I thank it whent go and I did some thaings whit MS Gaffney and we had sow musch whit ms gaffney and she going it be going to 3rd and we all rade lrud adout it and if you take a picel home and don't give it back she going to Thack your show and I did not no that thay do that and i like 2ad grad and I was sad when I laft ms potter to and that Travis fravite thare to and mine and ms gaffney did fun thaings white and I'm going to miss gaffney and she was a pretty Thea's and she is a funny thare and she was the go is thesis and I'm going to thard grad to lean ifen momer and ms gaffney will ms us and songs make me sad and thay will make me miss ms gaffney and I'm can't wait to go to tride grad. And we are going to some go thaings thary and we are going to git some candy and I'm caint wait. And I'm going to tell my mom that I'm going to miss ms gaffney and I'm going to be happy whent I love this calls but I'm going to miss ms gaffney and I'm going to ask my can I sate whit. Ms miss gaffney and she going to say no and going to thank that fall my grad an I'm going to miss her and I'm going to sill see her cus I'm going to sell going to this scoll.

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