I went to the the zoo and it was fun and I got to see some animas and then we went to ride on the train and we went to go look a some cool plants and we sat and a big big big big chair and then we went and a pink house and then I went to go see some zebras and some monkeys thay was making a lot Ov noses and one was hitting his head on the tree like don't won't to go to sleep and one was swing on the tree and then we went to go see the brids and thay was flaying away and we sow some pink brids and thay was Filipino and I like pink on them then we had fun on the then I went to the raptils and then we was about to git some ice crem but it calls to mush and then we got bake on the bus and star talking and then we got to the ofise and some ov awer pras was thary and my mom was in he car waiting four me and the I went home and play whit me'kaela and me and her cheerd and we did a cop a tishoe and then I whent to the av and then I tuk may cun home I toke a shower and got and the beb and thay was the end four the zoo

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